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Dogs, Children and Responsibility!

Dogs, Children and Responsibility!
Dogs and children seem to go together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a perfect match for the most part. For many of us, growing up included at least one dog and maybe a cat or two. Not too much attention was paid to spaying or neutering, kittens or puppies were considered part of the game when you had a pet. Trips to the vet were only for dire emergencies and it took a lot to determine what was a dire emergency. Not too much attention was paid to what we fed our pets, the dogs usually got table scraps and the cats were supposed to catch their food and usually fed some milk and whatever else they would eat. Life was fairly simple during those childhood days; Mom and Dad assigned simple chores and the family as a group kept watch on each other including the pets. Where did those times go and why is life suddenly so much more complex? As I look back on a time when our family had nine dogs. We did not go out and acquire nine dog…

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